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Welcome to the Offshore Jobs Guide! We provide information on resources that will help you land a job offshore.  Here you will find information and news about the offshore jobs market, the types of jobs available and their wages and salaries, information for entry-level workers and how to break into offshore work, information on training programs, and industry news.

Current offshore work opportunities are great.  The economy is picking up, oil prices are going back up, and drilling activity is increasing as well. Working offshore isn’t for everyone, but if a little adventure with your work is something that appeals to you, then working offshore may be a great opportunity.  There are many types of jobs available offshore, above and beyond the drilling crew, and there is nothing in the world quite like working on an Offshore Oil Rig.

For those of you who would simply like to cut to the chase and start looking for work, allow us to refer you to a couple of resources we feel are extremely helpful for those looking for offshore work : Rigworker is well known in the industry as a premier service for helping people find offshore jobs.

Another great resource is The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit, helpful for those looking for jobs offshore as well as land-based positions.

Both are excellent aids for those looking for offshore jobs as well as discovering the types of offshore work available.  Most of Rigworker’s services are free, and include the ability create and host an online resume designed specifically for offshore jobs, as well as browse thousands of job listings through their partners.

For those who need a resource which will help them search and apply directly to the companies currently hiring, including oil job hiring contacts and recruiters, as well as where to post your resume, then The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit is all that is needed to begin applying for offshore work.

You can read our reviews on both services here.  Check back often! We are adding new resources all the time.