The Fastest, Surest Way to get an Offshore Oil Rig Job

sunset_offshoreMany of those thinking or dreaming about breaking into offshore work are stumped about how to go about it.  It really isn’t that difficult – once you know who the industry contacts are.  For this reason, many choose to save time and increase their chances of getting work on a rig by going through one of the agencies specializing in offshore work; if you are new to the field, doing so is probably your best bet.

Rigworker was founded in 1998 by a group of offshore workers and former offshore workers who saw an opportunity in the lack of  information about the offshore oil industry.  Utilizing their industry contacts and knowledge of the industry, they started a business which has stood the test of time while many imitators (and there are still many) have come and gone.  They will help you tweak your properly formatted resume to be relevant for Offshore Oil Jobs, and then send it to their industry hiring contacts.  Basically, you can hire these guys to be your inside source to the offshore oil industry.

To summarize, if you want to get an Offshore Oil Rig Job fast, consider hiring these guys to work for you. It’ll make your life easier, and vastly increase the odds of landing that oil rig job as well.

The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit is probably the most comprehensive resource for landing jobs in the oil and gas industry that has ever been made available to the general public.  It consists of 5 different manuals totaling over 400 pages; they were all written to work together to provide you with the best strategy and tools available to start a career in the oil and gas industry, both land-based and offshore.  They have created a win-win business model leveraging their contacts made over the years to help oil and gas industry job-seekers.  The five modules of the resource kit provides hiring decision-makers, job listing web sites for both recruiters and hundreds of companies, and a manual on resume creation for onshore as well as offshore oil jobs.  For a limited time, they are giving out free resume critiques for their customers.  The price of  The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit is, at $37.00, an absolute bargain, and comes with a 60 day, unconditional money-back guarantee.

These two services have a huge range of Oil and Gas industry contacts, and using both provides the best chance of getting hired, especially for entry level oil rig Jobs.

1. Double your “insider” contacts by joining RIGWORKER. Basic membership is free. If you are hesitant, just subscribe to their free newsletter to learn more about working offshore. This company has helped many people break into the industry, and have earned the good reputation they enjoy in the industry.

2. Let the industry insiders at  The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit go to work for you. This is a great resource for those just starting out in the field as well as experienced people, and is well worth the money.

Following the plan outlined above will cost much less than few hours wages working offshore, and shave weeks off your hiring time, so it is a good investment, and money well spent. Offshore work is truly the adventure of a lifetime – the friends, the camaraderie, the new and exciting places, and the money to enjoy it all,  make offshore employment an incredible opportunity. Those of us who have been lucky enough to work offshore (or anywhere in the oil drilling industry for that matter) wouldn’t trade the experience for the world – it’s a blast. Certified Author

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