Peak Oil Sparking Huge Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration Wave – and Huge Offshore Job Opportunities

Oil prices are soaring again, and oil and gas companies are responding by launching new exploration programs into extreme environments never before explored. Deep ocean drilling far offshore, extreme weather condition environments such as the arctic ocean, and deeper into the earth’s crust than ever before attempted.

Going where no offshore platform has gone before
Some of the areas now opening up to exploration include the Arctic Shelves, north of Russia. The Canadian Arctic is being opened up as well. Additionally, scientists on offshore oil exploration platforms are working on solutions to drill deeper than ever before in traditional locations. It is believe that massive oil reserves may exist offshore at depths in the crust up to 6 kilometers deep, presenting new challenges for the drilling crew on offshore platforms.

The challenges that offshore workers will face in these new environments are being met with new training programs the oil companies and offshore drilling contractors are putting into place. Once hired, both technical and labor-orientated employees are given up to 12 weeks of additional training to learn how to operate in extreme conditions, both location wise and drilling depth wise.

Pushing The Offshore Extreme
“It’s exciting stuff”, said one offshore professional. “You need to know how to deal with these heat and pressure extremes, and it makes for some pretty crazy times punching down that deep.” Those with experience as core specialists, as well as the traditional drilling crew, will be in high-demand worldwide.

Other positions that be required to deal with the challenges and stress of drilling at greater depths include safety professionals, mechanics, structural engineers, and electrical workers, technicians as well as engineers. Welders will also be in high demand.

Drilling Crews Needed
For all the engineers hired, drilling crews will be manned to implement the new techniques and technologies developed by the engineers. Industry professionals project huge hiring increases, as the new wave of exploration ramps up into the greatest push to find more offshore oil than we have ever experienced.

Getting Started

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