Offshore Life

Not everyone is meant for life offshore, but for those who seek for an adventurous job full of challenges, working offshore is an amazing lifestyle. Work schedules range from 14 on \ 14 off to 28 on \ 28 off. Workers usually are transported to the rig via helicopter, but sometimes, under windy weather conditions usually, transport may be made by ship.

The primary focus offshore is safety. Accordingly, the first thing one does after arrival on an offshore rig is attend a safety orientation. At the safety orientation, every new crew member will become familiar with all of the locations for safety equipment, the ships alarms, and safety procedures.

Immediately following the safety orientation you will be given a room, personal protective gear as specified by the particular outfit you are on. You will then be introduced to your boss.

When living on the offshore rig, there will be daily laundry service.  Food and meals are available at 6am, 12pm, 6pm and 12am. Every meal will include the choice of several hot and cold entree choices. Living quarters on almost all installations are clean and comfortable.

Satellite TV and DVDs\Movies are available in almost all of the rooms. Your room will be cleaned and bed made by professional stewards under the employ of the contracted catering company staff.  Exercise facilities, including aerobics, weights, treadmill, cycles and other equipment are available.  Communications from offshore have drastically improved over the past several years. Internet access and e-mail are available.  Telephones are also available for daily calls home, if required.

A typical work day offshore will find you working a 12 hour shift.  Each shift will begin with a safety briefing to go over the day’s activities.  During your shift you will be given time for lunch and two 15 minute coffee or tea breaks.  Smoking is allowed on the rig, but it is restricted to designated areas only.

In terms of personal belongings, all you need to bring are personal hygiene items, such as razors, deodorant, soap and toothbrush\toothpaste.  Typically, everything that you need above and beyond working offshore  will be provided by the company.

For more in-depth information on living and working offshore, please see Rigworker or The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit.