Using a Resume Posting Service – Does it Help?

When it comes to getting a new job, many of us are inclined to do-it-yourself, or perhaps interested in other fields besides the Offshore Oil drilling industry.  This is where it is important not to limit yourself to a specific niche, but rather, take a “shotgun” approach.  It’s like Roulette; the more of the board we have covered, the more likely the ball will land on one of our numbers.

It is essential in today’s economy and job market to get your resume in front of as many people as possible – when 50 people are applying for every one job available, it becomes a numbers game.  This is where the various resume blasting services come into play.  There are many companies out their, but many, if not most, don’t have a good reputation, or do a poor job – and you end up paying for their mistake.

There are, however, some legitimate companies that do an amazing job of helping you land the interview.  One of the few good ones is Rigworker.  Rigworker is probably the best respected oil jobs resume posting service on the internet.  They are well established, and have been doing business since 1999.  They will get your resume in front of thousands of employers and recruiters, much more than just about any of their competitors.  This is a must have service in todays economy, and the people at Rigworker do it better than anybody.

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