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Offshore Employment Services

One of the difficulties in finding offshore jobs is trying to determine what the legitimate job sites are, and which ones are just scams. From personal experience with a site that charges up to $400.00 for their services, and don’t even respond to email after joining, I can attest that there are indeed some scams out there.

We have looked at and used many oil job sites and guides, and while there are some that are decent, we feel that the best value and service is proved by Rigworker and The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit .  After using both, we are confident in offering them our support and recommendation, and feel that both are excellent aids for those looking for both offshore jobs and onshore oil jobs.

Rigworker is the best choice for those seeking offshore jobs. They will create a custom resume cv for you, and host it as a web page – and these services are free. Additionally, they maintain a huge database of active job listings which you can search at any time; this service is free as well. You only pay when you find a job that interests you, or when you are satisfied with your resume cv and are ready for them to forward it to the 1200+ oil and offshore companies they work with. What is nice about Rigworker is that you can “try before you buy”, as most of their services are free of charge. Rigworker is probably the single best choice for entry level workers.

For those with more experience, or those who would rather create and forward their resume themselves, The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit is a great choice. They provide all the resources needed – five manuals, and over 400 pages, of oil company hiring contacts, recruiter contacts, job listing resources, and web sites you can post your resume on. They also provide a great deal of current information on the industry, the types of jobs available and how much they pay, and do cover offshore employment as well.

Both Rigworker and The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit are great resources and provide a lot of value, and have helped thousands of people land jobs. If you are serious about getting an offshore job, Rigworker will definitely help. If you are more interested in land based jobs, then Oil Jobs Guide is probably your best bet. Both are completely guaranteed.


Rigworker begins by creating a resume that meets all the criteria oil industry hiring managers are looking for. As part of their FREE membership services, they allow you to use their online resume creation program. Rigworker’s resume creation software was designed specifically to meet the requests and feedbacks of hiring managers, so a Rigworker resume has the precise features offshore and oil companies are looking for – a huge advantage, given that resumes that don’t have the features offshore and oil companies are looking for will most likely be ignored.

Rigworker is the only Oil Jobs website that creates a resume for you at no charge, a fantastic value. Additionally, they will create for you your own Professional Resume Web Page, and host your resume web page for free. You can put the link for your resume web page on your cards, your hard copy resumes, your emails – anything you can think of.

Rigworker’s services save even more time for the oil and gas job hunter, as you won’t even need to make any personal contacts, list your resume at oil industry job sites, or contact recruiters – Rigworker does all of this for you.

Rigworker is an highly ethical and well respected company, and literally thousands have benefited from their services. The company is composed of former offshore oil rig workers, and they know the offshore oil industry backwards and forwards. They provide one of the most comprehensive resources for getting an offshore oil job (or any oil job) available.

Rigworker utilizes their industry contacts and knowledge of the industry to help others find employment in the industry, and provides services that could easily top several hundred dollars if purchased separately.

Benefits of Using Rigworker

· Browse unlimited job listings for free.

· Rigworker, for free, will create your resume to meet oil and offshore industry specific standards.

· Rigworker, for free, will create an Professional Online Resume Web page for you to host your resume on.

· Free newsletter that provides up-to-date information about the Oil and Gas Industry.

· As part of the premium membership, they will forward your resume to over 1200 companies, and send you email direct from the companies that are interested.

· They will send your reviewed CV or Resume to well over 1200 companies.

There is no easier way to find an offshore job than with Rigworker, and their service is worth much more than what they charge.

Entry Level Assistance

For those without industry experience, they will help you connect with companies that hire new starts. They have helped thousands of new comers break into the industry, and obtain a job quickly.


$69.95 for the full service; free for the basic membership.


Rigworker comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Additional Information

For more information, please visit the official Rigworker web site.

The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit

The The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit, with five manuals and over 400 pages, includes a uniquely effective strategy for getting hired in the oil business.  They provide all the information needed to decide what part of the Oil industry you would like to work in, what job you would like to have, how much the various jobs pay, who to send your resume to directly in a variety of oil and gas companies, where to browse for job postings, and the direct contact information of recruiters.

The guide includes all the major areas of employment in the Oil and Gas industry – Administration, Design, Drilling and Engineering. Individual job descriptions and wages are included. It covers entry level jobs, such as Roustabout or Roughneck, and then covers the career path upwards, towards Derrickman, Motorman, Assistant Driller, Driller, Toolpusher, and Company Man.

Also covered are supporting jobs, such as Camp Boss, Cook or Chef, Assistant Cook, Baker, Galley hand, Steward Stewardess, Medic, Electrician, Engineer, Scaffolders, Painters, Radioman, Supply Room Storeroom and far to many others to list here.

Additionally, it covers specialty areas of the oil industry. Offshore jobs and how to get one are reviewed, as are Alberta Tar Sands employment, onshore drilling oil rig jobs, and servicing jobs as well as many others.

Benefits of the The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit

• Save time on finding a job; the sooner you get hired, the sooner you get paid
• Everything you need is in one place. No more searching through 100s of sites.
• Provides the Oil Company HR Department contact details to send your resume to
• Provides a list of the best websites to post your resume to
• Where to find the latest of thousands of job listings
• Contact info for the best recruiters in the industry




The The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Additional Information

For more information, visit the official The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit web site.

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